"Empowering Emerging Filmmakers"

The OIFF Honorary Ambassador is Cathly Lee Crosby, actress, author and Founder & CEO of CLC Entertainment Studios

August 15, 2019


Cathy Lee Crosby, Founder & CEO of CLC Entertainment Studios, is an internationally recognized star, multi-talented actress, entertainer, writer, director, and producer. Her diverse career includes: representing The U.S. in the International tennis competition (she attained a career high ranking of #7 in singles and #4 in doubles), serving as special Ambassador to Children for the United Nations, working as a member of the Board of Directors of the congressional Awards (she was nominated and confirmed by both the House and The Senate  of the United States), founder & Chairperson of the High on Yourself Foundation; and she entertained the troops with Bob Hope on his last Christmas Tour of the Middle East. She has starred in over 75 feature films, mini-series, “That’s Incredible!” on ABC. She just finished starring in the feature film based on the book, “Prayer Never Fails”, to be released in the late 2020.

“CLC Entertainment Studios, Inc. is the First Fully Collaborative, Interactive and Ultra-Secure Virtual Studio in the World Based on a “Zero” Environmental Footprint; and “Open Books” Business Model; and an Equal Opportunity to Succeed in All Aspects of the Entertainment Industry. With its Cutting-Edge Portal Technology and Proprietary Management System Software, the studio Will: Drastically Reduce Energy Consumption; Provide Total Investor Transparency; Cut Direct Production Costs by up to 30% and Open the Door to a Monumental Flow of Marketable, Intellectual Property that has never been Seen Before!

CLC Entertainment Studios is the first studio ever in Hollywood designed around the concept of the “Principled” cooperative capitalism with an emphasis on integrity, open books, real profit participation and mutually beneficial partnerships not only proven talent powerhouses, but also with under discovered talent as well. Our goal is to develop, produce and distribute one-of-a-kind, life-affirming, artistic, and high profitable entertainment projects in the area of film, television, Broadway plays, novels, franchised “entertainment-themes” restaurants, “7 Star Diamond Resorts” TM and in all forms of multi-media.

CLC Entertainment Studios is the solution for the entertainment industry’s soaring production costs; the problem of the uninspiring and rehashed movies, TV, and Digital Content; the current unethical and “closed book” creative accounting” business practices that create monics due never being paid; the management practices that result in higher costs; and marketing approaches that don’t build long-term viewer loyalty.

CLC Entertainment’s iconic on-line “Portal” will be launching pad, financing arm and continuing creative life force for the Studio in a manner never seen before in Hollywood. Through its pipeline of collaborative projects from across the globe, we will have access to a monumental flow of valuable, marketing and profitable IP.

CLC Entertainment Studios is the new “Gold Standard “of success in Hollywood. IT is dedicating to nurturing everyone involved in its projects, including its employees, partners, audience, viewers and patrons, and is “the” model of integrity, transparency, higher purposed artistic expression, mutually beneficial collaboration, success, and service to others.